Stacked Dungeon

Escape from the dungeon and make enemies join your team! But be careful ... if you and your allies fell apart, they will explode! Well, that could be benefits for you ...

 Starting from B4F of a dungeon, you need to survive and reach the outside, located in 1F. Fortunately, whenever you defeat an enemy, they will become your ally and fight for you.


Made for GMTK Game Jam 2021! (within 48 hrs) ( Soloing is soooo hard … ;w;

Theme: Joined Together

Assets used

BGM: Last Rain by FLASH☆BEAT

Tileset (enviorment & some enemies) by Hamzalopode:

Tileset on the "thanks for playing" page by Gif:


  • WASD:movement
    • Auto-attack if movement is blocked by an enemy
  • J (press and release): Attack current facing direction
  • J (hold) + WASD: Parallel attack
  • K (hold) + WASD: Focus attack
  • J+K or K+J: Cancel attack



20 HP / 8 ATK / 0 DEF

Sweetie slimes. They are your first friends. Later they are HP potions.

  • Explodes when "disconnected" from other "connected" slimes within MAX 2 grids (see below).
  • JOINT BREAK - Explode: Cures 10 HP for all allies, Deals 25 damage to enemies within range 2.

 Power Slime

75 HP / 13 ATK / 3 DEF

Power-up'd versions of Slimes. Uses a charged attack when they are enemies.

  • JOINT BREAK - Explode+: Cures 35 HP for all allies, Deals 55 damage to enemies within range 2.


66 HP / 14 ATK / 4 DEF

Ranged (range: 10). Very deadly if not handled correctly, but also a superpowered ally.

  • Shoots a magic arrow that pass through walls, which can fly 10 grids.
    • You can manually shoot them by pressing "J" or "K" keys. Useful for triggering some switches.
  • JOINT BREAK - Hellfire: Throws fireballs to nearby enemies (range: 8), deals 60 damage.
  • Revive: Don't Panic! After dead (Joint break or get killed), she will revive herself within 16 turns. Be aware that she may not appear on time if you don't have enough empty space around you to let the Mage spawn.

  The Slime Family

Those three cute slimes share some very specific mechanisms, see below.

Following figure describes the special behavior of slimes. They can link with each other within a specific range (2), but will explode if lost connection to player or other mobs (Knights do count).


80 HP / 13 ATK / 5 DEF

JOINT BREAK condition : Be apart from player at least 9 grids. 
That's what MAX 8 means ! sorry ...

They use an AoE attack, also will charge and rush when they are enemies. As an ally, they are tough shields (really ?).

  • JOINT BREAK - Shield: boosts all allies' defense by 12, decrease 1 per turn.

 Glowing Knight

880 HP / 16 ATK / 6 DEF

The final boss of this game. A power-up'd version of knights, who uses a wider AoE attack and rush less often than knights.

Ahh, I ran out of enemies ...

Don't worry! The game is designed to be playable and won't stuck itself (tho it may not be true due to design misses). You can:

  • Go back to previous floor by walk into the "downstairs". This will spawn the enemies (allies) that are already gone. Most enemies respawn when you (re)enter a floor.
  • Some area will constantly spawn enemies if their previously spawned one has gone. You may walk around some steps to let it spawn …


Windows (x86) 23 MB

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